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100WC 5 Words To Use


It was a beautiful day, to go to the farm. When we arrived I wanted to discover something new. When I was jogging tors the farms door, I notice that their was a new room that I haven’t been before, I was wondering what would be their.  I gingerly went tors the mystery door, and opened it slowly it made a loud squeaky sound.  When I was looking around something caught my eyes, a lot of yellow remarkable things. I looked and looked there was a lot of things that I have seen before.  However there was an old car from the back days, parked there.     

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The sound was So loud!


It was a dark night, in my aunt´s house at the top of the hill. I went to bed, the floor was shaking and you could hear a turbulent sound, the sound was SO loud that I thought everyone could hear it in the other side of the world. When I was tired of the horrifying sound, I sprinted down stairs to the dining room, I saw a constructor making a hole in the roof to put a light. My aunt saw me and asked ¨why aren´t  you sleeping,¨ I couldn’t sleep with all this Terrifying sound, I replied.      

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Boat Adventure (100 word challenge)



Me and my sister like to go on adventures and discovering new things. One day when we were jogging home, we saw something colorful between the forest. We notice that they were 5 boats, attached together. We wonder from where did the boats came from, when we went back home grandpa was was there waiting outside. We asked him if he saw the boats between the forest when he was coming, he said yes and that he even new a story and who left them there. When he finished with the story he told as that they belong to him.

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Hawksbill Sea Turtle Carey de Concha by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Southeast Region (CC BY 2.0)



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The Truth About Your Brain


Have you feel frustrated when you make mistakes?


Scientists say that when you make mistakes your brain is growing.

Recent research show that there are many ways that you can actually increase the size of your brain.  

For example, training your brain to do something new, study on language indicates that

learning a new thing can actually help the brain to physically increase in size, which can lead to

better overall brain function.


In my class rm 30 we are learning how to train our brain to grow, from Fix Mindset  to

Growth Mindset.

Here’s a slide of my group Palin, Carlos, Hector, and me.

Do you have a Fix mindset or a Growth mindset?   Please add a comment below!!… 

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Owl Diaries: Eva’s Treetop Festival


Click HERE to watch my video!

What I like about the book is that Eva has a lot of ideas, like me.  When she wants  to do something, she doesn’t want help. There were a lot of problems that needed to be fixed, and when they fixed them, the festival was AMAZING!


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Student Council


In my school I’m part of Student Council. This year there is a new teacher leading, so it’s different from the past years. One new change is the new t-shirts to show that we represent student council. Another difference is this year we had to do speeches to run for office. I ran for Public Relations Office. In my speech I told them that I could announce it in Spanish and English, and I think this helped me get votes. My classmate and I make announcements over the loud speaker and at flag rallies when an event it’s coming up soon. Student Council helped at Family Engineering Night, and we will be running Rodeo Recess.

SC Believe      SC Stronger

                                                      Back                                                                               Front

Let me know if you have any questions about Student Council.

Are you a leader in your school?  I would like to hear what other students do for leadership.

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Acrostic Poetry







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Me Online and Offline


Online I’m the same person as offline. I like to write a lot, I’m not shy, and I always try to express myself. I like to communicate with other people around the world, and I’m very creative in person.

I’m very interested to learn more about more people that like the same things that I like.

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Makerspace Jesus, Serena squished, Dulce

My class went to Maker Space. My group and I learned about how to do different colors on a digital sandbox using a computer. It was so cool because we made a lot of colors.

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